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At Smokescreen, we build simple and intuitive solutions that enable companies to predict threats, detect attacks, and respond to breaches. Our products have helped security teams around the world detect threats where others have failed.

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Our Roots

Before Smokescreen, our founding team ran high-end red team and breach readiness assessments for some of the world’s largest companies, showing them how their security systems could be bypassed.

They were good at it and it was fun. After a while, though, they grew frustrated with the fact that they were consistently able to break in despite the ‘state-of-the-art’ solutions in their customers’ environments.

They kept asking themselves, “what would catch guys like us?”

Smokescreen is the answer to that question.

Our story

While deception has been around for a while, it was still mostly academic and experimental due to the complexity of making it work at scale. But the idea stuck.

We began hand-crafting digital traps for highly targeted organisations that could not afford a breach; places where other defences had regularly been defeated. It worked — and how! They caught things that were invisible to ‘state-of-the-art’ products.

This was our genesis; our ‘a-ha’ moment. Smokescreen was born.

We focus on making targeted threat detection simple, so even smaller security teams can punch above their weight.

Our team, your team

Meet the folks behind the product and our customers’ success. These people work at Smokescreen, but they also work for you. This team is the reason our customer support is the stuff of legend. They’re here to help, even if you’re not a customer yet.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Research Officer
Rishika Mehrotra
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Technology Evangelist
VP - Strategic Initiatives
Preekshit Gupta
Sales Director - APAC & MEA
Head - Customer Success
Head - Product

Giving Back

Open source

Smokescreen is proud supporter of multiple open-source projects. Our base platform is a hardened version of FreeBSD, and we contribute back to the BSD community in a number of ways.

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The Climate Crisis

We aim to be completely carbon neutral and pledge to plant trees to offset our carbon footprint.

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Simple solutions for detecting and containing threats. Working with us does not break the bank or your spirit. We’re the company of choice for offensive security teams with a Net Promoter Score of 70+.

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